To educate people about the general concepts of sustainability and green buildings and show them how they impact the well being of society in the near and long terms.




The Awareness Committee shall address itself to technical and non technical people alike from all walks of life, layers of society and ages from kindergarten to senior citizens.




In order to accomplish its objectives, AC may have recourse to the following:


  • Organize seminars, public speaking, workshops, activities and interventions in all kinds of establishments that are suitable for such activities.
  • Participate in on-going events related to sustainability and environmental awareness.
  • Distribute leaflets and issue publications.
  • Address the audio-visual and written media.
  • Embark on large scale campaigns that mobilize an important part of society.




AC will be involved in the following areas:


  • Social and economic sustainability
  • Resources conservation
  • Green buildings promotion
  • Green lifestyle promotion
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Energy ethics and Energy conservation
  • GHG emissions reduction
  • Carbon and ecological footprint
  • Environmental diversity conservation
  • Environmental pollution reduction
  • Green wash avoidance




  • AC should be a representative sample of the Lebanese society, we are looking forward to have psychologists, economists, lawyers, journalists, housewives, activists in humanitarian and environmental organizations, clerics, technicians, teachers, business people, doctors, artists, academicians, architects, health scientists, etc…


  • AC will promote equal gender representation.
  • To be eligible, members should be motivated, of moral integrity and deeply convinced in the principles the LGBC is trying to advocate for.
  • Members should be willing to allocate reasonable time and efforts to actively participate in the AC activities which are all on a volunteer basis.
  • No member will use the LGBC or AC membership to promote and further his own interests and/or the interests of a group or organization to which he is affiliated.
  • It is not required to be initially an LGBC member to join the awareness committee.



Chairperson of the Awareness & Educational Committee is Mrs. Rima Sorour Al-Housseiny











6th of December 2018

LGBC at the University of Balamand


An interactive session with Engineers from Lebanon Green Building Council, Mr. Othman Adra, Mr. G