Lebanon Green Building Council (LGBC) is a not for profit, non- governmental organization (NGO) established by a group of Lebanese professionals with a vision to create and promote sustainability practices in the construction industry in Lebanon.
LGBC membership is open to individuals and organizations interested in the social, environmental and professional message of the Council.


LGBC board is elected by the members according to the internal by laws of the organization. The Board in turn elects the President and its officers for two years term.
The purpose of the code of ethics is to define the broad guidelines for the conduct and ethical values of the members of LGBC within the context of their involvement in the organization.
The members and officers of LGBC shall be accountable for their conduct during their LGBC involvement and severe violation of the code of ethics by any member can be subject to warnings or even expelling from the Council.


Members in General


The membership of LGBC is open to Lebanese individuals and organizations who are interested in the vision and mission of LGBC.
The members are expected to demonstrate commitment to the social, environmental and economic mission of LGBC and to avoid any practices that contradict this mission.
They are to respect the internal by by-laws of LGBC and to commit to fulfill their membership requirements and to participate in the organization activities and elections.


As LGBC is a non political and non sectarian organization, members should not involve their political or religious background within the context of their participation in LGBC activities.

Members are free to express their opinion during general assembly meetings, but they are to abide by the Council bylaws and Board decisions.

All members should respect their colleagues views, and to cooperate with the board and the other members in advancing the work of LGBC.
Also, when volunteering or when involved through LGBC in a professional mission undertaken by LGBC, the members are expected to respect the privacy of the client and should treat the data and information exchanged with confidentiality.
The above guidelines should apply to individual and corporate members.


Members of the Board

The members of the board must demonstrate benevolence and commitment to achieve the goals and tasks undertaken by LGBC. 
The members of the board are entrusted, during their term, to determine and plan   the strategic   goals of the Council. They are expected to show exemplary enthusiasm and commitment to the council cause.
They are to demonstrate total transparency in running the technical, professional and   financial works of the Council.


Members of the board should treat colleagues with respect and should represent accurately and fairly the qualifications, views, and obligations of colleagues. They should avoid unwarranted negative criticism of colleagues in communications with clients or with other professionals.
The members of the board must treat information related to projects undertaken by LGBC for clients with professional confidentiality.


LGBC Officers

In addition to all of the above ethical  obligations , the LGBC officers including the president, vice president , secretary , treasurer and accountant should ,in particular , uphold  a leadership , transparency  and commitment in steering the council affairs.


Conflict of interest

The LGBC does not endorse or promote board members, their companies or their products or services. Board members will not use their association with the organization to imply any endorsement. The LGBC does not grant preferential treatment toward board members or their companies when selecting instructors, assessors or contracting for work to be done on LGBC projects or facilities.

Members of the board should be alert to and avoid conflicts of interest that interfere with the exercise of professional discretion and impartial judgment. They should make a clear announcement when a real or potential conflict of interest arises and take reasonable steps to resolve the issue in a manner that makes LGBC interests primary.

Members of the board   should not take unfair advantage of any professional relationship or exploit others to further their personal interests. They should not use their positions in the board to promote personal business or other organizations interests unless decided by the board.

Concerns regarding conflict of interest should be directed to the Ethical Committee of LGBC.






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