Nominating Committee:


Composition: three elected members by the general assembly membership and two elected by the current board, chaired by the elder member.


Nominating committee elected members shall have no interest in assuming any office in the Council during their service term.


Meetings: Semi-annually, First week of Feb and July each year.


Service term: Two years.


To identify potential eligible candidates for board membership and to recommend them for election by the General Membership.


All candidates ( individual or in groups) for board membership shall prepare a one page statement describing their vision and work program during their prospective service term and ensuring it is coping with the vision and mission of the Council.


Candidates’ deadline for submitting their working programs shall be two weeks prior the scheduled and called election date.


Criteria for nominating a candidate for a board membership shall include gender equality and qualification of the candidate.


The committee will prepare a list of ten candidates including those potential candidates who have appropriate working programs and will recommend such candidates to the general assembly when convening in Feb. each year.


Other nominees who have submitted their acceptable programs and may not have been among the above ten candidates, may continue to run the elections.




Deadline to apply 31-March-2019

Office Executive job vacancy at LGBC


Lebanon Green Building Council

Office Executive job vacancy



March 13, 2019

Youth Conference - AUB - March 13, 2019


The Lebanon Green Building Council participated in the Youth Conference, Water in Lebanon- Turning C




LGBC & Dar Hiking Trip