The aim of the organization is to provide a Lebanese certification system for buildings that adopt environmental parameters and to transform the way buildings and communities are designed into a prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.



The LGBC aims to become a leading non-profit organization working to promote the sustainable building industry of an international level.

Its members will strongly advocate sustainable buildings in the aim of designing a built environment that allows future generations to benefit from the natural resources that will be available to them.



The LGBC shall endeavor:

Identifying and promoting procedures, methods and solutions for the design, planning, construction and utilization of both new buildings and major renovation of existing buildings that achieve the goal of sustainability. Living spaces shall be created in an environmentally-friendly, resource-saving and economic way that enhances the health and comfort of their users.


Certifying the buildings that achieve the fixed rating levels and meet the requirements of a sustainable built environment.


Identifying, devising and promoting procedures, methods and solutions for the planning, design, construction, renovation, utilization, maintenance and performance assessment of buildings that aim to achieve the goal of sustainability as per the certification system set by the LGBC.


Developing & promoting industry standards, educational programs and design practices, targeting professionals related to environmentally responsible buildings, individuals and teams, and at all phases.


Conducting research and educational activities and engaging in lobbying efforts to promote green building practices and legislation.


Devising and promoting tips and suggestions for sustainable lifestyles that enhance the proper use, and preserving the integrity of green buildings and discouraging “green washing”.

Lebanon GBC




24-26 February 2019

WorldGBC MENA Green Building Congress 2019 Declaration


Lebanon Green Building Council participated in The MENA Green Building Congress that was held on



2019 MENA Green Building Awards


Lebanon GBC is proud to partner with Emirates Green Building Council in the launc



30 April - 4 May 2019



Green Week is an annual Event promoting Green Buildings organized by Lebanon Green Building